Tips for Reading from a Teleprompter

Along with the rise of video We Media and live-streaming, a developing range of video bloggers and influencers are immersed in how to enhance their video quality to catch more likes and follows. Thus, how to make audience focus on your talking and let them feel like your video useful or anything like that? Keep direct eye contact is the most effective to communicate with people. As a saying goes, eyes are the windows of the soul. A teleprompter is a channel that helps one’s soul to connect with yours, because with a teleprompter you could read a script while looking directly into the camera lens but it looks like your are not using it.

When it comes to teleprompter, one factor may might also frequently be neglected-the reading distance. What is the reading distance? Generally, it needs to take two aspects into discussion.

In general, a teleprompter’s reading range means the farthest distance from which the presenter can read the scrolling text. It assumes the presenter has normal or corrected vision and the font is around size 50-80. Teleprompters come in different sizes such as 11” 15” 17”, defined by diagonal length of teleprompter glass, displaying different lengths of scripts. Hence, teleprompters of different sizes affect the reading distance in actual use.

Reading distance

On the premise of the first aspect, it also means the optimal shooting distance between the presenter and the teleprompter, which is about shooting effects, including light distribution, videography composition, picture clarity and other factors. The actual shooting scenarios have various requirements to shooting effects. For example, in clothing commercial video or live-streaming, the model who may be also the speaker needs to present her/his full body(clothes she/he is wearing) on the camera. The distance between the presenter and the camera mounted teleprompter should be far enough to display full-body, but zooming function should not be used to affect the wearing effects which needs to be presented, from a sales point of view. Therefore, creators need to consider teleprompters of different sizes depending on the actual distance of shooting scenarios.

How does reading distance affect the speaker’s performance? How to look more natural and confident on the camera? According to the analysis above, you need to-

  • Choose a teleprompter with an appropriate size depending on distance of actual shooting scenario.
Tips for Reading from a Teleprompter

Generally speaking, for below 12” teleprompters holding iPad and tablet, 3-12 feet range would be the optimal shooting distance, suitable for short-distant vlog shooting, tutorial video shooting, live-streaming and commercial production. Within 15-24 feet range like speech, large-scale conference, you would need a tablet teleprompter with at least 15”.

  • Adjust the area and size of the text reflected on the teleprompter, which is to effectively avoid frequent eye movement and makes you look assertive and attractive.

Taking Desview T3 teleprompter as an example, compared to its last generation T2, it is upgraded beamsplitter glass and able to reflect large tablet with up to 11”, which gives you more space to adjust the area and the size of the text when you are reading from the teleprompter, according to your reading habits. Specifically,

  • Increase the size of the text so that keep your eyes stay focused in the center of the screen(camera)
  • Decrease the area of the text in order to read from a narrower margin of words.
Desview T3 Teleprompter features

How much you adjust both of these factors will affect the distance you are from the teleprompter- your own reading range.

That’s to say, within 3-12 feet optimal shooting distance, Desview T3 teleprompter allows much space for up to 11” tablets, adjusting the script and determining your own reading distance(e.g. 10 feet), and enables presenters to read more naturally and confidently.

All in all, ask yourself the most essential problem-what’s your actual application? Or for a blogger, which type of video you are going to make? This will decide what video camera teleprompter you should choose, and in the actual shooting, adjust your reading distance in order to make yourself look powerful, reliable and attractive.