Wide-angle Lens Applications in Vlog

How to Shoot Vlogs Better with Wide-Angle Lens?

Nowadays, vlogs become one of the most popular ways to record the young’s life and express their lifestyle. Well-produced vlogs can always obtain tens of thousands of views and likes, because they catch audience’s eyes by fast-paced editing, which doesn’t refer to fast forward in terms of speed but a kind of shooting technique. For example, use static fixed focus lens coordinating with zoom-in close-ups; move at a uniform speed with slow and accelerated images; use long-lens coordination with short-lens; use wide-angle lens, etc. Today this article is mainly about how to apply wide-angle lens in shooting vlogs and make your vlogs more eyes-catching and immersive.


Wide-angle Lens Applications


Many may wonder why using wide-angle lens in vlogs is necessary, especially for entry-level vloggers. In my point of view, shooting with wide angle lens allows large-scale background taking in, which makes your vlogs more detailed and fun. For example, when you shoot a vlog about trip on the beach, you would like to take in the whole sky, sea and beach into your frame, and audience feel like you are really sharing the scene with them. More than this, you may also find other surprising effects. So let’s shoot with wide-angle lens!



Here there are 3 kinds of lens I want to talk about, the kit lens, ultra wide-angle lens and ultra fast wide-angle prime lens. Each lens has its own pros and cons for shooting vlogs and choose the appropriate one depending on actual application and your desired effects.


The Kit Lens (16-50mm f/3.5-5.6)

As a cost-wise choice for you, the kit lens could provide maximum stability because of its built-in stabilization for moving vlogs, automatically taking out some of that shakes. Also the kit lens has a wide range for zooming in and out, which is fairly flexible. However, if you want to show a special object and get close, the background becomes blurry but not that cinematic effects. Second, when you take shooting indoors or in places where there is not much light, the frame gets darker and darker as you are zooming in. In case of that, you may need a fill light.


Ultra Wide-Angle Lens (10-18mm f/4)

Ultra wide-angle lens is able to capture large-scale scenes, which means audience could see so much of what is going on around the shooting object, and keep the footage look stable, allowing you to walk around and talk. At the same time, the wider-angle lens you use the less the background blurs. The point you need to keep in mind is how much light it lets in depend on how big the aperture is. Besides, high cost may be one of its downsides.


Ultra Fast Wide-Angle Prime Lens (16mm f/1.4)

The 16mm wide-angle lens is ideal for storytellers. Due to its ultra-blurry background, audience need to focus on the speaker’s face-what are you talking, rather than the background. When you are shooting object and getting close to it, the object seems attractive and rise audience’s interests to it, which is a great choice of getting cinematic b-roll. However, there are some downsides about it-heaviness, high cost and image shaking.


Wide-angle Lens Applications


Apart from lens, other aspects need to be paid attention during actual vlog production, including shooting perspective and distortion, creativity and auxiliary tools for shooting. 


Perspective and Distortion

It’s recommend to move your camera at fair speed, not too fast especially when take overhead and pitch shots. Otherwise, it makes audience dizzy when watching. Second of all, you had better put the object at the middle of the frame rather than the edges when shooting with wide-angle lens, or the object would deform, which makes the vlog lose the beauty.



Vloggers often pursue bringing more imagination and creativity to their vlogs so as to keep their follows. Using POV is quite a good way to make your vlogs stand outs among millions of vlogs on the Internet. POV (point of view) is a shooting perspective at imitating objects’ view. For example, you put the camera on the refrigerator and take video you are putting items onto it. Audience will watch this vlog from point of refrigerator’s view. The shooting object being personified will be more fun!


Auxiliary Tools (e.g. Teleprompter)

When shooting tutorial vlogs indoors, you may need to use auxiliary tools, such as teleprompter which makes your process go on very well. In some vloggers’ opinion, using a teleprompter for smartphone probably influences the application of wide-angle lens. Actually, teleprompters improve a lot in accordance with demanding occasions. Taking example of Desview T3 teleprompter, which upgrades design for supporting wide-angle lens up to 24mm, no vignetting or any parts of the teleprompter appearing within the frame. Generally speaking, for indoors shooting, 24mm wide angle lens of Desview T3 teleprompter is more than sufficient because indoor space is limited. Surely, for outdoors short-distance shots, 24mm could also arrive your ideal effect, capturing whatever you want.


Desview T3 teleprompter application


Shooting a good vlog is not that difficult and shooting with wide-angle lens is the same. The most challenging is you need to pick up what works perfectly for you and devote to telling stories about yourself in a most natural and realest way. Just work on it!