Desview T3 Teleprompter

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  • Upgrade for 11” Max. Tablets Prompting
  • Ideal for more demanding scenarios
  • Clear Prompting, Wide Angle with 97% high light transmittance
  • Exclusive APP & Remote Control
  • Durability & Accessories Included
  • Upgrade for 11” Max
    The new generation Desview T3 teleprompter adopts Retractable Base (extended to 40mm) for holding larger devices, effectively avoiding clamp and device appearing within the picture. Four-section retractable prompting clamp (19cm long Max.) can easily accommodate smartphone or tablet up to 11”.

  • Extended Applications
    The T3 teleprompter supports smartphone and DSLR for vertical and horizontal shooting. Two cold shoe mounts built on the top of T3 allow to attach microphone, fill light or other auxiliary shooting devices. Ideal for more demanding scenarios: Tiktok, interviews, online educations, KOL programs, video recording, live streaming, etc.

  • Clear Prompting, Wide Angle
    T3 selects 26-layer coating beam splitter glass(70/30) with 97% high light transmittance, giving clear prompting without double reflection. Supporting wide-angle lens, T3 produces no vignetting effects on wide vision shooting. Notes:  For tablet prompting, extend the base to the longest and adjust the focul length more than 24mm (like 30mm, 35mm...) in horizontal shooting, more than 35mm (like 50mm, 70mm) in vertical shooting

  • Exclusive APP & Remote Control
    The free app BESTVIEW is offered in app stores, compatible with Android & IOS cellphone/tablet and supports intelligent flip function, no complex setup. It comes with a remote control, so you can scrolling through text and operate: Play/Pause, Page up/down, Menu, Slow down/Speed up. 

  • Durability & Accessories Included
    Easy-to-Pull teleprompter lid protects the reflection mirror from scratches, fingerprints and stains. 9pcs adapter rings include 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82mm to match your DSLR. 4 types of foam shading rings compatible with different camera lens prevent light leak when cellphone shooting.