Desview T2 Teleprompter for Smartphone Tablet DSLR Camera Phone Video Recording for Tablet Smartphone iPad up to 8 inch,70/30 Beam Splitter Glass

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  • Desview T2 teleprompter is specially designed to work with a smartphone, tablet, and DSLR camera, easy to
    use and convenient to carry on;
  • It uses the beamsplitter glass to reflect the scrolling manuscript from the smartphone or tablet, the specified
    teleprompter app can control to play/pause, speed up/slow down, page up, increase or decrease font size,
    and change background color;
  • Desview T2 comes with 9 lens adapter rings in 49,52,55,58,62,67,72,77,82mm sizes,which allow the teleprompter
    to be mounted onto different sizes camera lens;
  • Suitable for an interview, live streaming, speech, vlog, and other video production activities.



    • The T2 teleprompter could only work with DSLR cameras and smartphones, and couldn't work with camcorders;
    • Prompting device supports smartphone and tablet, and only compatible with under 8 inches devices;
    • T2 equipped with 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82 mm lens adapter rings, if your camera couldn't fit these sizes,
      the T2 teleprompter couldn't work with your camera.

    Desview T2 equipped with high light transmittance 70/30 glass beam splitter, the scripts can reflect on the glass
    clearly and won't affect the cameras/smartphones shooting.

    The specially designed teleprompter supports photography with wide-angle lenses larger than 35mm,
    creating a wider field of view without vignetting.

    Exclusive the teleprompter app can control the smartphone/tablet to display the manuscript, can control
    to turn the page, pause, speed up or down, and change the text and background color. Free to adjust your
    manuscript with the included remote controller.

    • Ideal for Camera: Flexible fitting cameras with lens diameter from 49mm to 82mm
    • Ideal for Smartphone(Up to 8"): iPhone, Huawei, Samsung Galaxy, etc
    • Ideal for iPad Mini and other Tablet( Smaller than 8"): Samsung Galaxy 8 Tablet, Fire HD 8 Tablet, etc.


    Multiple Collocation Ways

    • Smartphone prompting + DSLR shooting (The camera lens needs to be adjusted to proper focal length)
    • Tablet prompting + DSLR shooting (The camera lens needs to be adjusted to proper focal length)
    • Smartphone prompting+ Smartphone shooting (adjust the lens to more than 1.2x)
    • Tablet prompting+ Smartphone shooting (adjust the lens to more than 1.4x -1.6x)
    • The position for shooting device supports vertical/horizontal + left/right placement.

    Package List:
    1 x T2 Teleprompter
    9x Adapter Rings(49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82mm)
    1 x Remote Control (not included the battery)
    2 x Smartphone Clamp
    4 x Foam Rings
    1 x user manual

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