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R5II 5.5" On Camera Touch Monitor
R5II 5.5 Inch Touch Screen Monitor Full HD 1920x1080 resolution panel Touch screen panel with 178°viewing angle Supports HDMI input and output Support NP-F series and E6 batteries power supply Supports custom 3D Luts to preview Professional monitoring features Histogram,...
$199.00 $149.00
R6 UHB 5.5" On Camera Monitor
R6 UHB 5.5" 2800 Nits Touch Screen Camera DSLR Field Monitor Full HD 1920x1080 IPS Panel with 178° Viewing Angle; 2800 Nits Ultra-high Bright Touch Screen; Supports 4K HDMI Input/Output; Supports Sony NP-F series and Canon E6 batteries power supply;...
$289.00 $249.00
T3 Teleprompter for Smartphone Tablet DSLR
Portable Smartphone/Table/DSLR Teleprompter Fits a Smartphone/Tablets Prompting up to 11" Supports Vertical or Horizontally Shooting IOS and Android APP Control Bluetooth Remote Included Equipped with 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82mm Lens Adapter Rings Retractable Base, Flexible and Simple Adopt the design of a retractable...
$119.00 $89.00
R7II 7" On Camera Touch Monitor with 4K HDMI
Full HD 1920x1200 Resolution and 178° Viewing angle Touch Screen Panel for Easy to Operate 2600nit Daylight Viewable Brightness Support 4K HDMI Input and Output without Delay Supports NP-F Series Batteries Power Supply Professional Monitoring Features: Brightness/RGB Histogram, Luminance/RGB Waveform,...
R7SII 7" On Camera Touch Monitor with 4K HDMI 3G-SDI
7 Inch Full HD 1920x1200 Resolution IPS Panel Touch Screen and Shortcut Keys Operation 2600 cd/m² Ultra-high Brightness Supports 3G-SDI & 4K HDMI Input/Output Support Dual NP-F Battery Professional Monitoring Features: Brightness/RGB Histogram, Luminance/RGB Waveform, Vectorscope, All Wave, HDR, Peaking,...
Draco DR6 Wireless Monitor Kit
2000 Nits Wireless Receiver Monitor Kit with Transmitter   1. Full HD 1920x1080 resolution panel with 178° viewing angle2. 2000 nits ultra-bright with touch screenEasy to operate and view clear in the sun3. Integrated receiving and monitoring functionBuilt-in wireless module...


Wayne Banga:❤❤❤❤❤

This monitor is definitely hard to beat. There is a lot of 7-inch monitors out in the market under $300 but they always seem to miss one or more crucial features. Ease of use, size, or brightness! Fear not, the Desview R72 has all the specs you need. It's bright and crystal clear with 2600 nits of brightness. The menus are legible and easy to use with touch screen operation. You can pinch to zoom in and out to nail focus. You have all your camera assist options with false colors, peaking, LUTS, and more! Plus, the packaging comes with a carrying bag, HDMI cords, and a d-tap power adapter. I paired the Dewview R72 with my A7siii and to power, I used Sony NPF batteries. It's a great upgrade when shooting handheld or with a gimbal to have such a large screen to compose shots. I loved how I was able to install my own LUTS with the included flash drive and now I can see how my shots will look before going into post. When going outside, the screen is crazy bright with 2600 nits of peak brightness and I can just slide my finger across the screen to be able to see my composition. It's nice knowing I won't be needing a sun hood. This 7-inch monitor is a definite 5 star for being under $300, 2600 nits of brightness, and is a touch screen that is easy to use! Great job Desview!-Amazon

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This monitor is awesome! The exposure and focus assist settings are great and have really helped getting the most crisp video I can get! I’m using it with a Canon EOS R, which already has a ton of features to help with those items, but seeing it on a bigger display like this has definitely helped. And the displays brightness really speaks for itself!

 The monitor is super adaptable as well, not just within the settings but the physical monitor can be mounted multiple ways for whatever way your rig is set up. The included shoe-mount works well enough but you probably want to get some sort of external mount for ultimate stability.

The touch screen works really great as well! It doesn’t feel clunky or hard to use like a lot of other less-expensive monitors do. 

 All-in-all, a solid monitor at a price that can’t be beaten! Can’t wait to start using this monitor on all my video shoots! -Amazon



Few months ago I have bought my first ever teleprompter and it has been very helpful. Now I feel an upgrade is imminent so I stumbled upon this product. It is exactly I was looking for, built quality is nice and material is durable. Design is very straightforward and no complicated assembly required. I am using mostly with my Sony a7R 3 and my Iphone 12 pro, this combination works perfectly for me. It comes with all the attachments and holders to attach variety of lens sizes. Glass quality is amazing, I do not see any blurriness or ghosting in my footage. You can download the app and pair it up with the provided remote control. All in all, I think it is very helpful product if you do lots of talking head and interviews.-Amazon

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