Desview TP170 17 inch Teleprompter Portable Pad Tablets Horizontal Vertical Prompting for DSLR Video Camera Photo Studio for iPad Smartphone Live Interview Teleprompter Free Remoter Control with Suitcase

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【Integrated Sunshade Hood & Quick Folding Fixed】 Integrated design of beamsplitter glass and sunshade hood with magnetic fast folding and fixing, significantly reduces installation time.leprompter Free Remoter Control with Suitcase TP170

【HD Wide-angle Shooting without Vignetting】 Multi-layer superposition adjustment ,can meet the wide-angle shooting needs of more lenses. d fixing, significantly reduces installation time.

【Patented Inclined Pull-up PTZ】 When the PTZ adjusted up and down , the distance between the lens and the glass is kept the same Aluminum Alloy Material with High-grade Texture Elegant and simple metal design with sandblasted surface , makes it not only delicate to touch ,but also scratch-resistant and non-slip.

【Horizontal Vertical Prompting/Shooting Flexible Switching】 Adopts rail type teleprompter device clip , the maximum extension distance reaches 300mm Supports up to 17-inch large-screen monitor prompting ,switching horizontal/ vertical prompting as will. The camera shoots in horizontal shooting mode by default , and it can be switched to vertical shooting mode with a vertical L-bracket.  It is convenient for the creation and shooting of video platforms such as Tik Tok and Youtube.

【Suitable for Various Types of Cameras】Compatible with multiple shooting equipment , start shooting quickly without complicated assembly and adjustment. Ideal for Commercial Shooting Suitable for program recording, character interview course recording , and Vlog creation and commercial ads shooting , etc.

【Exclusive Teleprompter APP】The Desview teleprompter APP is suitable for mobile phone and tablet installation , supports Android system and iOS system , and can be connected to mini Bluetooth remote control.

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